Онлайн тест «Герундий» 9 класс

Пройдите онлайн тест "Герундий "за 9 класс по английскому языку. Нажмите "Узнать результат" сразу после прохождения теста

1. Agatha, would you mind … this letter on your way home


2. Len was looking out of the window … listening to what his wife was saying


3. … washing up, she dropped a plate and nearly broke it


4. I don’t like … to — and that, exactly, is what you are trying to do


5. Bob found himself in an awkward situation … coming to see his friend too early


6. I wish the weather would get better. I am tired … having to be indoors all the time


7. … looking out of the window, they noticed a fire in the opposite building


8. If I were you, I’d think twice … accepting their invitation. There is something fishy about it


9. Lorna intended to help him … lending him some money


10. Much depends … your making a decision at the right time


11. The teacher had to stop several times … the rule because she saw that it was difficult for the children to understand it


12. I prefer … jeans in winter and light shorts in summer


13. He was suspected … concealing important information from the police


14. The comedy was hilarious, but somehow I didn’t feel like …


15. I don’t approve of your behavior. You’d better stop … with everybody


16. I enjoy … a bicycle by the seaside


17. I started … this book last week


18. Заполните пропуск в предложении I like … TV


19. Заполните пропуск в предложении She doesn’t mind … overtime


20. Заполните пропуск в предложении She doesn’t mind … overtime


21. Заполните пропуск в предложении You need … more


22. Заполните пропуск в предложении It’s important … sports regulary


23. Заполните пропуск в предложении He seems … very smart


24. Заполните пропуск в предложении He offered … a bag for me


25. Заполните пропуск в предложении They arranged … at 9 o’clock


26. Заполните пропуск в предложении Please stop … that noise


27. I would like … you and some of my other friends for dinner some time


28. Let’s get together tonight. I want to talk about … a new business


29. The conference closed … discussing about a dozen reports


30. Speaking … thinking is like shooting without aim


31. Peter, did you remember … the door? You are so absent-minded


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